Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Birthday Theories and Ramblings

By the time you read this I will be 24 years old. Yeah I said it. OLD.
In dog years I'm 168.
This birthday, however was better than most.
It helps to spend your birthday with the one you love.
More importantly one who loves you back.
Sex, sex, sex. That helps too. Although you maybe old, sex keeps the libido young.
and in the end isn't that all that matters?
Learn something new on your birthday.
Otherwise you're not perpetuating the age-old saying; "another year older, another year wiser"
and that is a travesty.
'Cause then we'd have a world full of people who haven't properly learned to drive.
Oh wait...
Do something fun.
Whether it's laughing at yourself,
or the swarm of bees that just splattered all over the front of your truck doing 75 on the highway.
Seriously. Laugh dammit.
Maybe try and rent a little motor boat at the lake.
And when the boat dock is closed, come up with clever ways to steal one.
But don't.
'Cause then we'd have a world full of people locked up for petty theft.
And that would be a travesty.
Lastly, Drink.
Consume alcohol like it's free.
'Cause chances are it is.
Make your liver remember what it's true function is.
After all, it is getting pretty old.

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Friday, May 12, 2006

Karaoke Insights

Ah yes, for all those who know me, and not many of you do, I am a weekly fixture on karaoke night. That would be Thursday of all days. A cruel joke, fridays hangover is a malady i have yet to remedy.
Now karaoke in america is quite the interesting occurance. You get such a broad spectrum of people. . . Those who were dragged by friends and refuse to sing. Those who were dragged by friends and are finally coerced into a drunken rendition of "Like a Virgin". Then there are people who are there by pure chance, they stopped in to play some billiards, and found an oportunity to impress a few people with an only slightly impaired version of "Whatcha Gonna Do With a Cowboy".

Let's see, who am i leaving out? Ah yes, those who go every or every other week to showcase a weekend talent (people like me and my fiance) with more difficult, but show-stopping adaptations of "Don't Get Around Much Anymore". Then there are those who believe they can sing with delusions of grandeur and an ear piercing atrocity like Evanescence's "Save Me". (Keep trying honey, someday you'll find that note). Finally, there's the 7 frat boys and/or sorority girls, barely able to stand, doing, well just screaming into the one mic between them.

With such a delightful assortment of men and women all gathered under one roof, you couldn't keep me away from karaoke night! Whether I'm in the mood for people watching or outdoing virtually everyone in the bar with "Mack the Knife," I'm always in the mood for karaoke!

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Monday, May 08, 2006

My spacialicious myspace

this post is to inform you that i have an extensive MySpace profile that you are more than welcome to visit in the interim. (that is to say until i actually have something more to post)

This link will take you there!